About us


The Company

Forza Leather was born from combining long family tradition with a necessity to give our beloved pets something we could not find elsewhere. That is how we decided to do it ourselves.


Our History

Leather Artisans have been in the family creating quality handmade products for 5 generations, from shoes to handbags and most currently introducing our pet accessory lines.

Knowledge and tradition have given us the experience lived through to create these exquisite, top-quality products.


Our Philosophy

Forza in Italian means “Strength” and this is our drive to create safe, durable and timeless leather goods. We understand the love of a pet and the desire to provide only the best for them. We stand behind each Forza product and take pride and precision in every stage, from the beginning till the end.


Present and Future

Our company is growing everyday. We have many ideas for new lines and collections as well as accessories and add-ons. We want to offer a complete solution for pet lovers that are looking for beautiful high-end goods and at the same time, handcrafted and unique.

We believe in our product and are committed to continually improve and search for ways to make it even better. That is our promise.